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Our Farm


Our farm was founded on the principals that peace comes from within. When proprietor Annie Farrow thought about her future and retirement from the nursing industry, she thought about the serenity of operating a farm on her land. But, she knew this type of happiness should be shared with others, so she started the steps to open Anointed Acres. 

At Anointed Acres, we focus on an "alternative medicine"" that brings peace through purpose. We believe that interacting with animals is a great way to bring peace. Our farm features alpacas, a horse, a donkey, a herd dog and a few barn cats.

We are open by appointment, please contact us. We have spaces for feeding and petting the alpacas, a barn for events and instructional learning, and a private area for parties including birthdays and more


We take much pride in our farm and appreciate the hard work that goes into it. Our animals are all fed top feed. We work with highly qualified veterinarians and breeders to provide medical care and recommendations for our farm! 

Our barn features two areas, one for each male and female, and an area for our horse and donkey. The animals live happily together in shelter when inclement weather, or can be seen from Springers Mill Road out in our front field.

At Anointed Acres, we care for our livestock as our family. We are a family owned and operated team. Our alpacas were handpicked by our team so that we were able to develop a connection with each one on our farm


Here's a list of our most commonly asked questions, and some information to make your future visit a great experience!

Can I Pet The Alpacas?

When visiting the farm, we will bring out one-two harnessed alpacas depending on the size of the crowd. We will teach each visitor how to gently pet their backs, and make sure everyone has a chance to learn and ask questions. 

Can I Feed The Alpacas?

Yes! We have food available for no charge, we just suggest a donation be made to continue the care of our animals!

What Will We Learn About Alpacas?

If you've got questions, we most likely have answers! We encourage questions and encourage interaction for both children and adults

Are Alpacas Safe To Interact With?

Generally alpacas are calm and gentle. Our alpacas are not free reign when visitors are on the premises, rather they are brought to guests wearing a harness. While visiting you may see minor frustrations with other alpacas on our farm, as this is natural. We only allow our calmest, experienced alpacas to interact with our guests. However, animals have emotions just like people

What if my child is afraid?

Meeting a new animal can be overwhelming for some children. If your child is inside of the gate and feels uncomfortable, it's best to let us know as soon as possible so we can help your child find a space space outside of the fence. We will do our best to help all children feel comfortable around our animals.

Can we take a photo?

Yes! Alpacas are typically docile and are easy to photograph. We allow guests to stand next to our alpacas for a photo op, but there is no guarantee as these are live animals with their own free will. Please be mindful of the size of the group at the time you are visiting. If you're looking for a special photo op or the perfect Instagram photo, please book a private tour

Is there a cost to visit?

For our "open farm" hours and special events, there is only the suggestion of a donation to visit the farm. We are able to operate thanks to your generous donations. There is no mandatory fee. If you would like a private tour of our farm with a private alpaca experience, the suggested rate is a $45 donation for a group of up to 6 people. Learn more about our tour here. We also offer party packages for private events, information here

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